Fetch Climate

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Fetch climate is a service for fetching mean values of different climate parameters for some spatial region of the Earth and for some period of time. For each particular request FetchClimate uses several data sources to get the best result available.

With a FetchClimate you can explore spatial variations of supported climate parameters by generating colormaps or a set of the points like at the following pictures.

Air temperature near surface
Whole year mean near surface air temperature
Wind speed near surface
Whole year mean near surface wind speed
Soil moisture
Whole year mean soil moisture
Temperature pointset
Whole year mean percentage of sunshine is Spain (pointset)

Or you can explore temporal variation of the climate parameteres by generating timeseries

Mean soil moisture timeseries of several regions (1950-2000)

Within a year temperature changing timeseries in the set of points

Exploring individual timeseries of the set of points